【tdr0421】It is pretty troublesome! Mickey shaped boiled egg


Many places of Disney parks have “Mickey shape” that looks like combining three circles.

Mickey shape sometime appears as Disney goods, hidden Mickey, or food.

Mickey shape food is especially cute that it is too good to eat, so people tend to take picture of it first.

So, among Mickey shaped food there is wonderful mickey shaped food that it is too good to eat, which is boiled egg.

The egg white is just like an ordinary boiled egg, but the yolk is in Mickey shape, so it is very cute, but don’t you get curious how it is made?

Actually it is easy to make it, but it takes so much effort.

First, separate the egg white and yolk.

And boil the egg white after pouring to “Mickey shaped model that has bowl”.

When it is completely boiled the “Mickey shape egg yolk with dent” is complete then pouring yolk into that dent and boil again will do it.

This way of cooking takes more time and effort than making ordinary boiled egg.

When trying making this special boiled egg you would have to prepare the model, so honestly it is very troublesome.

When taking so much time to provide boiled egg the cost expands, but this is part of service.

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