【tdr0361】How many costumes does Mickey Mouse have to wear in a day?


The world famous character “Mickey Mouse”.

He is a character that represents Disney and leader like existence that leads Disney parks around world is very busy having parades and shows.

Taking guest’s hand and smile, but one second after he is dancing light. He appears in various events, so he has no time to rest the whole day.

Here, I would like you to pay attention to Mickey Mouse’s costume.

Because he is an important center character among Disney characters, so Mickey Mouse is appearing in the shows or parades most likely.

So, he needs to change the costume according to the parades and shows.

Then don’t you get curious about how many times Mickey Mouse needs to change the costume in a day?

It is depending on the events, so this is not accurate, but he wears more than 30 costumes a day.

It is surprising that many costumes are always ready to wear, but to get change that many times a day is very intense.

To calculate simply, Mickey Mouse doesn’t even wear one costume more than an hour.

Even it is to make the guests enjoy, but super star is not an easy duty.

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