【tdr0334】Is it true that one of Disney character was commuting by train?


“Mickey Mouse” became world famous by short synchronized sound animated cartoon “Steamboat Willie” on 1928, November 18.

His huge ears and eyes, the big limbs, and his loveable figure brought popularity that he became a Disney representative character that leading every Disney parks.

He is now a super star that probably people in this world knows about him and giving dreams and hopes at the dreamland, but he happened to peek in our daily life in the past.

Actually, that Mickey Mouse was commuting by train.

It was on 1988, December 1st, Mickey Mouse commuted by train.

This was the day “Maihama station” was opened and ceremony was performed at Maihama station. Mickey Mouse commuting by strain is one of the celebrations, so he went to Maihama station by train.

The train was pretty crowded, but Mickey Mouse was standing up with holding strap all the way without sitting down.

If you see him on the train holding strap without knowing why then you would be surprised, right?

Him commuting by train is not that you can see often.

May be he would go on the train for another celebration near the future.

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