【tdr0330】Viewers changed Mickey Mouse’s personality?


On 1928, November 18th, Mickey made debut with “Steamboat Willie”.

Now he is became like a leader that organizes other Disney Characters, but the time when he first debut he was totally different character.

Mickey Mouse at his first cartoon he was such a naughty character.

He was full of mischief and had violent side.

At that time it probably had implication of black joke of animation.

But as Mickey Mouse becoming popular complains of “too much”, “too rough”, “he is like a devil” for his personality and behavior were raised.

So, Disney Company had to fix and changed Mickey Mouse’s personality to like what hero has gradually.

Then taking the opportunity of producing new Disney character and raising Mickey Mouse’s popularity he was settled with faithful gentle leader type personality that he has now.

I guess people complaining the TV program or video work by the reason of “not suitable for kids education” doesn’t change whether now or before.

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