【tdr0328】Mickey Mouse’s movement was took from something


On 1928, November 18th, short synchronized sound animation “Steamboat Willie” was released as Mickey Mouse’s debut cartoon. The person who did Mickey Mouse’s voice at that time was the father of Mickey Mouse “Walt Disney”.

At that time it was produced as unvoiced animation, but suddenly replace to synchronized sound animation, so Walt Disney did all the voices of characters that appears in the cartoon.

By that Mickey Mouse’s familiar falsetto voice was born, but Mickey Mouse has some other secret.

The secret is the “movement”.

As I mentioned above it was supposed to be unvoiced animation, so characters movement was very important. To make it funny with just movement and to make people understand… The movement was the most important for the cartoon.

Then “Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin” was referenced.

He is a genius English film actor, comedian, film director, scriptwriter, film producer, and composer that created many masterpiece comedies and he is famous by having nickname of “King of Comedy” from his comical movements and acting.

That King of comedy’s movement was used on Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse that was born from King of comedy’s movement and Walt Disney’s voice. It is agreeable how Mickey Mouse became loveable and comical character.

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