【tdr0327】Potato that shapes of something


Vegetable that nature grows sometime become far from the shape that should be shaped.

Sometime the tip of carrots and radish cracks that looks like human with two legs or looks like human hand and tomato and eggplant sometime shapes like human face. These natural products attract attentions by bringing up on medias.

In 2001, July unexpectedly shaped vegetable was found at Kukedo farm of Kawagoe city, Saitama.

The unexpected shape was “Mickey Mouse’s face”.

Potato had the world famous character Mickey Mouse’s face. The huge two ears, round face, and unique mouth was all perfectly on it and it was width 5.9 inch and height 4.3 inch that Kensuke Arai who found was also surprised.

By the way on March 13th of the same year Mr Arai was planning to go to Tokyo Disneyland with his grandson, but because the Great East Japan Earthquake they weren’t able to go.

May be potato thought of cheer Mr. Arai up, so became the shape of Mickey Mouse… you never know.

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