【tdr0317】The Disney voice actor who supported the third Mickey Mouse voice actor


Mickey Mouse is a super star of Disney.

The first voice actor of him was “Walt Disney” and now “Bret Iwan” who is the 4th voice actor of Mickey Mouse is doing his voice.

The falsetto that is passed down generation after generation and “Wayne Allwine” who is the third voice actor that did longest time of Mickey’s voice.

He took over the duty from the second voice actor of Mickey Mouse in 1977 until 2009 when he past away with diabetic complication. His wife “Russi Taylor” who is the 5th Minnie Mouse voice actor supported him.

Disney’s only couple Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s voice was done by an actual married couple.

Wayne did Mickey Mouse’s voice from 1977 to 2009.

Russi is doing Minnie Mouse’s voice from 1983 to present 2014.

They have got married in 1991, but they have been together for 26 years from 1983 to 2009.

Husband and wife contributed Disney together, so in 2008 they received “Disney Legend”.

Because they were the actual married couple they could express the intimate couple’s voice.

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