【tdr0307】Mickey Mouse design T-shirt contest that held at UNIQLO


“UNIQLO” is a production and marketing major company of casual clothes.

It is a popular clothes shop that people can buy simple, but high quality of clothes at reasonable price.

UNIQLO collaborated with animation or manga, develop original functionary wear, or develop various planning and strategy. One of those there is “UT GRAND PRIX”.

It is the contest by inviting public participation of design by setting different theme every year and this is an annual event that performs every year since 2005.

Artists like “KISS”, “Sex Pistols” and others and “Coca Cola” that is loved worldwide has been the theme and many people participated.

At this popular contest, “Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse” actually was chosen as the theme.

That contest was held in 2011.

5875 design from 60 countries participated and Hong Kong freelance designer produced the grand prix design.

The title is “It’s a canvas”.

How the design looked like?

The design was telling exactly the title says that it was like someone throw paints on T-shirt. The black, red, and yellow paints that scatter by throwing are expressing Mickey Mouse. It is an amazing design that Mickey Mouse can be identified with three paints that scatter on canvas, which is T-shirt.

20 excellent prize designs including grand prix were sold from 2011, April 28th at \1,500 ($15) per T-shirt. It is not sold anymore, but I hope we get to see it again or holding another contest.

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