【tdr0303】The world biggest Mickey that drawn on Mickey’s birthday


Mickey Mouse’s birthday is on November 18th.

That is because short film with synchronized sound “Steamboat Willie” was released on 1928, November 18th, which was debut for Mickey is the famous story about his birthday.

Now he is a world famous character and when it is Mickey Mouse’s birthday that is leading the Disney we need to celebrate on a large scale.

So, in 1992, unbelievably huge Mickey Mouse was drawn at the celebration that performed at Tokyo Disneyland.

And drawn by “Car”.

On 1992, November 18th, which is Mickey Mouse’s 64th birthday event of “Mickey Car of the Year” was performed.

The event was about drawing Mickey Mouse with cars lining.

Bunch of cars were needed because they were trying to draw Mickey Mouse with car at parking of Tokyo Disneyland as canvas. 1118 passenger cars were gathered, which is his birthday numbers from 12000 of applicants.

The car is white and black.

Mickey Mouse’s profile face was drawn with two colors.

How the world famous super star celebrates the birthday is also big.

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