【tdr0301】Not “Mickey Mouse” but “Mickey Mouse” is appeared?


2011 was the year of Tokyo DisneySea’s 10th anniversary, so the collaboration with “BEAMS”, which is major select shop that celebrating 35th year in business in the same year.

Many collaborated products were developed and the product that sold by collaborative planning was “Mackee Mouse”.

The collaborated product was the fantastic permanent marker that mixed with “Mackee” from Zebra that you probably have used once in your life and “Mickey Mouse”.

On the body of permanent marker has sticker that written “Mackee Mouse” confidently and the lid of bold face has Mickey’s ear and face (expression is carved).

It is “Mackee Mouse” no matter how you look at it and is a very stylish product.

This special “Mickey” was sold from 2011, April 23rd to 2012, March 19th.

Collaboration with BEAMS was developed also in 2006 too.

At that time Tokyo DisneySea was celebrating 5th anniversary and “BEAMS” was 30th year in business, so they collaborated and “Mackee Mouse” appeared in the world.

“Mackee Mouse” of 2006 had ear on the lid of bold face, but hadn’t been engraved his face, so it was smooth.

Tokyo DisneySea is collaborating with “BEAMS” every 5 years, which was 2006 and 2011.

Next is when Tokyo DisneySea is celebrating 15th year and “BEAMS” in 40th year in business, which is 2016. Let’s expect them to be collaborated for the third time.

If the collaboration performed then you might get to see “Mackee Mouse” again.

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