【tdr0284】Mickey Mouse flew in the air? What is “Flying Mickey”?


In 1988, Tokyo Disneyland held some event for celebrating 5th year.

This event was called “Flying Mickey Friendship Tour”.

Enormous hot-air balloons, which used Mickey Mouse’s face as balloon fabric were took off to the sky from the front of Cinderella Castle. The hot-air balloons that really became flying mickey gathered many attentions by going around 16 cities and Mt. Fuji.

When you look up the sky and see Mickey Mouse’s face I am sure you will be surprise.

The advertisement effective was huge and it became such a big topic at that time.

Also, the idea of creating the second theme park was announced in the same year, so the number of guests in this year reached 13.38 million, which went over the highest number of guests hugely.

This really encouraged Tokyo Disneyland.

By the way, speaking of 1988, it is the year of Keiyo line Maihama station opened.

The access circumstances have changed from depending on transporting by bus from Urayasu station, so it made easier to get to Disneyland is may be affected.

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