【tdr0283】Mickey VS someone?! The dream match happen in reality?


The Sanrio Co.,Ltd. representative character series “Hello Kitty”

Among the character series “Kitty White”, which is a character in motif of white cat is called “Kitty chan” and is loved by people all over the world not just Japanese.

Back in the day it was sold as “character for young girls”, but now it attracts adults also and “Hello Kitty” became so popular that it even made collectors.

In late 1990, people who dress in kitty goods and all the belongings are kitty goods, which called “kittiler” appeared and as of 2009, the goods were sold in 70 countries that made fans of Hello Kitty increase even foreign celebrities and famous people such as Hilton sisters, Cameron Diaz, Avril Lavigne, Maria Carry, and other that can list endlessly.

Hello Kitty is such a loveable character, but she may have to fight with Mickey Mouse, which is world famous character.

The head to head competition will take place in China.

Speaking of China, Shanghai Disneyland is planned to open in 2015, but Hello Kitty theme park also will be opening 2 hours away by car from there.

The name of theme park called “Hello Kitty World”.

As of 2014, August, most of the construction is already done and there will be 5 star hotels and restaurants are planned to open inside the theme park.

This seems very formidable.

Disney VS Hello Kitty, it would be great to see which of them will get the verdict.

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