【tdr0228】Photograph of Walt and Mickey Mouse.


Walt Disney who is the father of Mickey Mouse and given soul to Mickey Mouse by given him voice.

For such Walt, Mickey was irreplaceable existence. As evidence, we get to see photographs of just him and Mickey Mouse. Especially Walt and Mickey Mouse holding hands together is very impressive.

Walt and Mickey Mouse holding hands together can be found at various places like statue that is located in front of Cinderella Castle of Disneyland or these two carvedon “Spirit Award pin”, which is given to “winner of Spirit Award” at “Spirit of Tokyo Disney Resort”

That’s how much Mickey Mouse was special to Walt and also Walt was an important existence for Mickey Mouse.

Don’t you get curious about how the last photograph of these two was taken? It was the photograph that was taken at Disneyland in America. At background there was a castle that appears in “The Sleeping Beauty”.

Walt on the cart and Mickey Mouse posing by pinching his bow. Both look so happy in the picture.

It has been about 60 years since Walt has past away in 1966.

Even though the photographs are losing freshness their relationship will continue forever without fading.

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