【tdr0221】There is super big passport of Mickey Mouse?


In 2001, March 1st, Disney shop that opened at Tokyo Disney Resort “Von Voyage”. This shop has huge space that is biggest shop in Japan and original goods of Von Voyage and Disney Resort is sold here. (*This is not the Disney Store, so products that are sold in Disney Store are not sold here)

The most attractiveness of this shop is that you can shop without going inside the park. You won’t be able to purchase Disney Store goods, but it has huge space that you can enjoy fully and is great that is located a minute walk from Maihama Station.

So, such “Von Voyage”, this shop has Mickey Mouse passport.

And the size of it is super big.

Is it because it sold in the biggest shop that is why the passport is also the biggest? Anyway, the super big passport is sold near the entrance of “Von Voyage”.

The passport that is almost blending into the wall has Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Space Mountain’s stamp and below the photo there is profile of Mickey is written.

The profile that is written on the passport is as following.

Name / Nom

Date of Birth / Date de Naissance
Nov. 18, 1928

Nationality / Nationalite

Citizen of the World

Birthplace / Place de Naissance

Burbank, California

Passport No / No. du Passeport


It is written with English and French. This is because there is Disneyland in United States of America and France. Then it should have Japanese, but may be having Japanese on it may ruin the passport.

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