【tdr0146】Surprising relation with computer mouse and “Mickey”.


Computer is a thing cannot be detached nowadays. It spread to households and is utilizes with work or daily life.

A thing that is necessary with computer is display, keyboard, and mouse, but do you know where the name of mouse coming from?

As the name says it is because it looks like a mouse, so it named mouse. Back in the days there were mouse only with line and the line looked like a tail.

The origin of naming is not very well known, but there is one other secret of mouse.

Secrete is that there is relation with “Mickey Mouse”.

Actually, unit of sensitivity of mouse is expressed with “Mickey”.

【1 Mickey = 0.01 inch】and it is migration distance of “mouse”. This unit is named by technician who developed mouse from Microsoft.

To name the peripheral that looks like mouse’s sensitivity unite “Mickey” is very unique.

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