【tdr0121】”Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey”, the place you can meet Mickey. How many costumes Mickey Mouse have?


The number one popularity at Disney is “Mickey Mouse”.

Of course you want to meet Mickey in person and touch if possible when going to Tokyo Disney Resort. To make your dream come true, there is attraction at Tokyo Disneyland that you can meet Mickey Mouse.

That attraction is “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey”.

The house was made in motif of Mickey Mouse’s house and is a very popular attraction that you can meet Mickey so closely.

So, such a popular attraction “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey”, but Mickey that you see at this attraction is limited to 4 different styles.

I have putted the clothes on the list, so check it out.

1. Steamboat Willie (1928)

This is a short film that Mickey Mouse made a debut on the screen. At “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey”, he wears short pants, hat and scarf just like the film. Also, “Steamboat Willie” was black and white film, so his costume is black and white too.

2.The Band Concert (1935)

This is the first time Mickey appeared on screen in colors. At “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey”, he appears “dressed as conductor at concert” like red hat with blue feather and red long coat.

3.Fantasia (1940)

In this film, Wizard Mickey Mouse was active. He wears blue hat with stars and red robe. This style is relatively popular.

4.Tailcoat style of Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse wearing tailcoat, yellow bow, and red slacks. Many people misunderstanding with “tuxedo”, but the “tail coat” is the one bottom of jacket is shape like swallow.

You won’t know which costume Mickey Mouse wearing until you get inside the attraction. I hope you to meet Mickey Mouse wearing your favorite costume.

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