【tdr0049】Who named Mickey Mouse?


The Mickey Mouse is so popular worldwide and there is almost no one who does not know him.

Infused with spirit by Walt’s great producing ability and drawn by Ub Iwerks, the superstar Mickey Mouse was born.

You may think that if Walt Disney made the character up, he must have named him. But actually, it was not him.

In fact, Walt Disney originally wanted to name him “Mortimer Mouse”, but his wife Lillian opposed to the idea.

She pointed out that “Mortimer Mouse” lacked euphony and sounded too pompous and similar to the word “mortify”, and suggested the name “Mickey Mouse” instead. That was how Mickey Mouse was named.

By the way, the name Mortimer was not scrapped; it was put to use for the other two characters.

One is Minnie Mouse’s cattle-farming uncle who owns a ranch. He appears in a comic strip. Another is Minnie’s childhood friend, who is a rival of Mickey’s for Minnie’s affections. He appears in a short film titled “Mickey’s Rival”.

We can imagine that, although it was rejected by his wife, he really wanted to use the name Mortimer.

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