【tdr0043】 A wedding ceremony where Mickey Mouse got involved in trouble?


It may be a dream-come-true for Disney fans to meet their fate through Disney and have a wedding ceremony in the Disneyland.

In fact, “Disney’s Fairly Tale Wedding”, where brides and grooms are celebrated by Disney characters including the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, has been very popular. In the wedding, guests celebrate the bride and groom’s new life ahead, drinking, talking, and sharing a happy moment. However, the wedding sometimes results in catastrophic trouble.

If it is small trouble only within the families and friends, it may be just laughed off, but once the Mickey Mouse was involved in trouble.

At a wedding ceremony, when the Mickey Mouse came to give his blessing to the bride and groom, a drunken guest somehow approached Mickey and threw him onto the floor.

One consolation was that the Mickey Mouse was not injured, but still, everyone was disturbed and the mood of celebration was spoiled. It is not something forgivable even if the person was drunk.

Since then, it was decided that Disney characters including the Mickey Mouse cannot appear in a place where alcohol is served.

It is very sad that one guest’s stupid behavior not only gave an unpleasant memory to the bride and groom whose special day was spoiled and the Mickey Mouse who was thrown, but also affected those who wanted to hold a wedding ceremony there.

Needless to say, in celebratory feasts it is important not to drink too much and not to abandon ourselves to pleasure. Let us practice good manners and etiquette as an adult.

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