【tdr0038】 The Hidden Mickey that you cannot found no matter how hard you look for?


One of the ways to enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort is to try to find ‘Hidden Mickeys’.

Hidden Mickeys mean representations of the Mickey Mouse that have been inserted subtly into various locations such as walls and floors in the Disneyland/DisneySea. Finding one makes us feel pretty happy. It is common that you happen to look down to find one symbol or pattern different from the others, which turn out to have the shape of the Mickey Mouse.

When you hear the word “Hidden Mickey”, you may tend to think of a small symbol. However, it is actually not related to the size; if you cannot notice it at a glance, it can be called “Hidden Mickey”.

Actually, there is a Hidden Mickey which is too large to be noticed.

You may wonder “the larger it is, the easier it should be to find”, but in fact, there is a Hidden Mickey which is too large to be found. That Hidden Mickey is in a restaurant called Magellan’s, located at the foot of Mount Prometheus. However, you cannot find Mickey even if you go there.

Now, what we use here is Google Map.

If you look at the aerial photograph of the Magellan’s using Google Map with your neck turned 90 degrees to the right… you will find the roof of the restaurant is shaped like the Mickey Mouse.

It is quite natural we don’t notice this huge Hidden Mickey.

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