【tdr0015】Roots of the falsetto voice of Mickey Mouse


Mickey Mouse may be associated not only with its appearance of a mouse but also with the unique falsetto voice.

His voice is so popular that anyone must have heard it at least once, and some of you may have even heard someone around you mimicking his voice. Then, have you wondered how he came to have that kind of falsetto voice?

Well, there is a surprising reason.

Mickey Mouse first appeared in a short ‘talkie’ animation film (with sound and voice) “Steamboat Willie” on November 18, 1928. In this animation, one person was performing voices of all the characters.

Who do you think it was? That person was Walt Disney, the father of Disney animation.

At that time, the number of talkie films was gradually increasing. Reading the current of the times, Walt Disney suddenly remade his silent animation and added voices of the characters. It must have been difficult to use different voice tones and dictions to perform all the voices by himself. Among the voices, that falsetto voice was allotted to Mickey Mouse.

The first voice actor for Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney performed the Mickey’s voice for around 20 years from 1928 to 1947.

That falsetto voice has been passed down for generations, and now Bret Iwan, the fourth voice of Mickey Mouse, is giving dreams and hopes to a lot of people.

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