【tdr0001】An ultimate way to get a letter from the superstar (Don’t try on purpose!)


The Mickey Mouse, the Disney’s leading character and an absolute superstar for Disney fans, is so popular that a huge crowd of people gather around him every time he shows up. It is common not all the guests around can have contact with him. So, having some contact with Mickey would make your day a very happy one.

Then, how would you feel if you ever received a letter from that superstar Mickey Mouse? Of course you’d be excited, or even feel so special that you want to brag about it to someone else. As it sounds like such a special occasion, you may wonder “Is it really possible to receive a letter?” But yes, there is a way.

However, the ‘way’ is not something you can do intentionally. So, before disclosing the trick, we have to warn you NOT to try it just to receive a letter.

This is because, to do so, you have to get injured or feel sick and use a first-aid room in Disneyland or DisneySea.

Both Disneyland and DisneySea have first-aid rooms. The central first-aid room of Disneyland is located in the Adventureland, and that of DisneySea is in the Mediterranean Harbor. The guests who started to feel sick or have got injured in Disneyland/DisneySea can visit these central first-aid rooms directly and enter inside. (Please note that both parks have three other first-aid rooms than the central ones, and these can be entered only with the cast member. When in emergency, please contact a cast member nearby promptly.)

When getting a rest in the first-aid room, you will receive a letter from Mickey Mouse saying “Get better soon and come see me again!”

If you actually get into such situation due to sickness or injury, you may not feel simply happy about the letter because you can’t enjoy your time there. But still, it should be much better than just staying in the first-aid room in a gloomy mode.

Anyway, this kind of Disney’s unique services, giving a heartfelt attention to the guests both in and out of sights, always really surprises us.

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