tdr0985_Super cute! Huge Monsters University doll


By developed series of “Monsters, Inc.” and “Monsters University” Mike and Sulley’s popularity increased.

Soft and fluffy Sulley and small and round Mike combination is really sweet.

Anyway, from such two’s popularity monster sized doll was sold with major toy maker BANDAI.

That size is Sulley is 3.11 feet and Mike is 2.09 feet.

When comparing with human Sulley has size of 3 years old and Mike has size of 6 months old child.

It is quite huge doll.

The price becomes different that Sulley was sold with $155.40 and smaller size of Mike was sold slightly cheaper price of $134.40.

By the way goods website ( of “Monsters University” that is BANDAI runs has special feature of “life with Mike and Sulley” that as suggestions of how to have fun with the dolls pictures with various environment such as going out with them version, in house version, or office version.

How about using that as reference if you have them with you?

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