tdr0956_Pixar made the design? Charity T-shirt of 24 hours TV


Charity TV program “24 Hours TV “love saves the world” is broadcasted lively every the end of August from 1978 from Saturday to Sunday.

Many donations gather every year that it became a typical TV program for summer.

Especially people pay attention to the “Charity T-shirt” that changes the design every year that many people purchase the T-shirt, because of the design that created by famous designers or artists or for the purpose of collection.

Studio Ghibli designed the t-shirt of 2006 and 2010 and gathered many attentions, but actually Pixar who has friendship with Studio Ghibli accepted of making design of the charity t-shirt.

Pixar designed the charity t-shirt in 2009.

The design has “24hour television” printed with wavy font at center of the t-shirt, above and under that there is line drawing that makes us image clouds, and top right has retro TV with colorful balloons.

John Lasseter says about this design…

“Scene of “Zuzu”, which is made old TV to character takes off to the sky. Balloon is a symbol of taking a new step. “Zuzu” with balloon fly above the clouds as if it is taking off to the “first journey” that when not making a step our life journey doesn’t start. It is never too late to make a start….I designed this t-shirt with such thought.”

He gave such a comment to speak about how deep the design is.

So, don’t you imagine something when seeing Zuzu having balloons attached?

I am sure you imagine “Up” from Pixar when speaking of flying with many balloons. Actually the year of 2009 is when the t-shirts were sold is the year “Up” was released.

May be there is some connection.

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