tdr0903_Existing commercial toys that appeared in the Toy Story series


In the Pixar’s popular Toy Story series, a lot of toys appear. Not all these toys are the originals created by Pixar but many are commercial products that had been actually sold in the U.S. Some are still on the market.

– Mr. Potato Head: A potato-shaped toy. Appeared in all the Toy Story films
– Slinky Dog: A dog-shaped toy with a stretchable metal slinky as his middle. Appeared in all the Toy Story films
– Bucket O Soldiers: Green army men. Appeared in all the Toy Story films
– Hot Wheels: A toy car used for Buzz Light year’s transportation
– See ’n Say: A roulette wheel toy for gambling inside the vending machine at Sunnyside
– Barrel of Monkeys: A toy with which players hook a chain of monkeys, which try to save Buzz Lightyear in the first film
– Magic 8-Ball: A toy used for fortune-telling
– Toddle Tots: A set of toys of small fireman tots and a fire truck

The toys above are part of the existent commercial products.

As Toy Stories became a big hit, these toys grew in popularity and sold like hot cakes.

At first, toymakers had not expected Toy Stories to become so popular, so they felt negative about making their toys appear on the film and some even declined the offer.

In fact, the Barbie’s manufacturer Mattel first declined the offer without hesitation. However, after the film made a great success leading to a big sale of the toys, the company decided to have their Tour Guide Barbie and other existing toys appear on the sequel, Toy Story 2.

The second series also achieved a big hit, leading to a large sale of the cast toys including the Barbie doll. This was why Barbie appeared again on the sequel with her boyfriend Ken.

Some toys were launched at the same time as Toy Story was released. Most of them were produced and sold by a Canadian toymaker Thinkway Toys, which was quite unknown back then. This was because other toymakers were reluctant to produce a new toy for the film.

They might have lacked in foresight, but this shows that most people believed that the film would be a failure.

Now the Toy Story series have created a huge market.

Let’s look forward to seeing what toys appear on Toy Story 4, which is to be released in 2017.

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