tdr0888_30th Anniversary goods are incredibly rich items? High priced products that are perfect for anniversary


According to celebration of the 30th anniversary Oriental Land, which operate Tokyo Disney Resort developed 11 products that are chosen carefully as “30th anniversary special memento”.

With special memento there are rich products that are perfect for 30th anniversary and it gathered many attentions.

-Limited to 30! $3,000 necklace

“Diamond necklace” that has pretty shape of Mickey and this became the main product among other special memento.

This is an item collaborated with famous jewelry brand “4℃” and the necklace was sold limited to 30 and with $3,000 (including tax) according to the number of 30th anniversary.

Mickey’s face and both ears have diamond that in total 3 diamonds and there is 0.7 carat and platinum is used on chain and frame, so it is richly made.

This cute, but has grownup elegance necklace gathered many attentions.

-Limited to 500! $1,500 figure display set

“Figure display set “Happiness is Here”” became the item that is expensive next to necklace.

One scene of day parade “Happiness is Here”, which renewed on 30th anniversary and the parade is performs having the symbol of Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella Castle at back is recreated inside the 14.76 inch height x 24.8 inch width x 5.7 inch depth case.

It is $1,5000 and limited to 500, so it was provided quite many.

-Limited to 100! $500 Swarovski “iPhone case”

“Swarovski Element Smartphone Case”, which is “iPhone 5 case” that was made with crystal glass parts by Swarovski was sold. It seems very expensive that $500 for iPhone case, but it gathered many popularity due to it uses plenty of Swarovski that it produces specialness and because it is limited to 100, so it was such a rare item.

Other than that many limited items were sold such as limited to 300 of “Mickey Mouse’s pure silver medal set ($390)” or limited to 300 30th anniversary special pin set ($300)”.

Every item is “quite expensive” compare to regular items, but because it is limited offer, so it gathered much popularity. May be magic word of “limited” and milestone of 30th anniversary attracted Disney fan’s heart.

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