tdr0872_Item that achieved the most highest bid price ever with “Disneyana Fan Festival” in 2013


At Disney Park props and figures are everywhere.

These items get renew according to season or event and several items that ended their duty get sell at auction called “Tokyo Disney Resort Disneyana Fan Festival” (*Disneyana is coined word of “Disney+ana (suffix of word means documents or knowledge)” and it is judged by professional auctioneers.

Most of items that get sold at auction are very rare one-of-kind items.

Therefore enthusiastic Disney fans successfully bid items with high price.

Anyway, “Disneyana Fan Festival”, which is an amazing auction for Disney fans have held three times in the past, which was held in 2008, 2010, and 2013.

Especially “Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary Mickey Figure” that got sold in 2013 acquired incredible price.

It used to display at “Disney Gallery” at World Bazar and it is a quite big figure with 32.67 inch tall and this item achieved most highest bid price ever of “$2 million” and this gathered many attentions.

Even it is one-of-kind super rare figure from 15th anniversary, this bid price is incredible, right?

“Disneyana Fan Festival” that can bid rare items.

It is still unknown when the next auction will be, but it is exciting to see what kind of items get sell next.

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