tdr0864_Be careful with reseller! Disney’s event goods get sell with high price


There are limited items that can only bought at Disney shops like anniversary goods and event goods, buy many guests cannot purchase those items frequently.

And those people use online shops to get the items.

People take the way of purchasing the goods on Internet when wasn’t able to go to Tokyo Disney Resort and those people are aiming for the “resellers”.

They are the people who has purpose of reselling the goods that are purchased at Disney shops with higher price than the price they bought from the shop and some online shops are doing that in huge scale.

Of course many of the resellers have “rip-off price” that it is common to have twice or three times expensive than the fixed price.

The price gets little high when thinking of the time and efforts of going there and reselling, but it is too expensive. From the beginning Tokyo Disney Resort is not authorized about reselling. But it is matter of fact reselling is infesting.

Anyway, how people should avoid getting ripped off?

It is hard to recognize which one’s which, but the most safe way is to judge if the “shop is Disney official or authorized by Disney”.

When it is authorized or official then items that they carries have original price or price similar to the original price, so you will not get ripped off.

Do not use suspicious online shop that is obvious, use official or authorized online shop.

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