tdr0854_”Chocolate crunch”, which is typical Disney souvenir has various flavors?


“Chocolate crunch” is a snack that is gathering popularity overwhelmingly as of Tokyo Disney Resort souvenir.

It is a typical snack that is loved for long time by having reasonable price that can be easy to busy for souvenir for colleagues, friends, or family and great response for individual wrapping that is easy to handing out.

Especially “Tokyo Disneyland Mix”, which has set of milk flavor and rich white flavor or “Tokyo Disney Resort”, which is set of milk flavor and strawberry flavor are very popular, but new flavors are continuously sell other than that.

Especially limited flavors are popular that “Tokyo DisneySea mix”, which has milk flavor and royal milk tea flavor can only bought at Tokyo DisneySea, so many guests purchase it.

Other than that, chocolate crunch can that sold as limited offer for celebrating 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland has milk, rich white, strawberry flavors and lemon flavor appeared as new flavor and became popular.

Interesting lemon flavor has fresh and cool taste and it is so popular.

The limited-ness and the taste were accepted and it was sold like hot pancakes.

Also, “Premium Chocolate Crunch” that has 4 flavors of rare cheese cake, strawberry tart, tiramisu, and mont blanc flavors that cannot taste other is gathering much popularity between guests that enjoy grownup Disney as rich version of chocolate crunch.

Chocolate crunch that is prevents getting stuck in rut by producing new flavors continuously.

It is exciting to see what flavor comes out next.

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