tdr0846_It gets sold according to events? Which shop sells Disney cake?


“Cake” is typical sweets that cannot be indispensible for events or special occasions like birthday or Christmas.

Celebration feeling becomes a world of difference when there is a cake or not. People get excited when cake is decorated prettily.

When the decoration is Disney… Disney fans of course get excited, but other people also get excited with a special cake that cannot be eaten at other place.

There is a cake maker that actually sells such dreamy cake.

That cake maker is developed about 400 stores mainly in Tokyo, which is “Ginza cozy corner”.

I am sure if you live around Tokyo probably have seen the deep red roof or signboard, which is one of the features of the store.

Actually cozy corner sells Disney collaboration cake according to events every year.

-Valentine’s Day (February 14th)
-Doll Festival (March 3rd)
-Easter (March to mid April)
-Children’s Day (May 5th)
-Star Festival (July 7th)
-Halloween (October 31st)
-Christmas (December 25th)

Target events are as shown above. It is covering the most events.

Design, flavor, or kinds of cake becomes different each year, but in the past various cakes were developed such as typical Disney character motif cake like Mickey, Pooh, Frozen, Toy Story, and Monsters, Inc.

There was a time cake was sold with souvenirs like plate to make guests happy. When it comes with souvenirs Disney fans of course want to get it.

These products are announced and started to sell a month before the event, so I recommend checking each time.

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