tdr0835_Authorized by Disney! Art Gallery that carries Disney art


There are many shops that carry Disney goods like Disney shop or Disney Store, but in Japan there is Art Gallery that carries Disney Art other than shops.

The Art Gallery is called “Edom”.

It is Art Gallery authorized by Disney and it is developed 3 places in Japan.

Arts are displaying and selling at “Edom” that doesn’t carry at Disney Shop.

It carries animation cel of Disney characters, figure, art work that is done by famous artists and many other items that cannot be seen ay other place and many Disney fans that are seeking interior visit.

Disney arts that are worked by artists are so interesting that it is different from Disney goods.

“Edom” is located places shown below.

-Edom main shop・・・a minute away from Akasaka Mitsuke Station in Tokyo
-Edom Yokohama・・・Minatomirai Landmark 5th Floor
-Edom Kobe・・・Inside Hotel Okura Kobe

『edom Official site』
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