tdr0833_Princess design hair extension” that Disney sells is pretty terrible?


“Hair extensions” are now becoming one of regular hair accessories.

It is hairpiece that can use partly to make different hair styles than usual, so it is such a popular item for women who want to change the hair style freely or women who cannot change the hair style due to work.

Hair extensions are necessary for women who want to pump up the hair and actually in the past Disney sold hair extensions officially.

It started to sell from December 2012.

It was sold as “Disney princess hair extension” and it became a topic “in many ways”.

Actually it is not an item “that can make hair style like princess when wearing this hair extension” it was more of “hair extension itself is Disney heroine”.

The item was called “Hair Extensions 4 Kids”.

It is 100% artificial hair and it is 12 inch long, 1.5 inch wide and princess that represents Disney such as Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, and Bell’s design was used to sell with $10.

This item didn’t get popular.

Many voice of questions like “what do you think?” appeared on Internet at the same time it started to sell, so it was doing great with topic-wise, but I guess the sale was out of proportion.

The item is called “Extensions 4 kids”, but it has such a design that even kids hesitate to take it in hand.

It could have made a bit better?

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