tdr0818_Package of popular product from Kirin collaborated with Disney!


In October 2012, license agreement was exchanged between product license department of Walt Disney Japan Ltd., consumer product and Kirin beverage Ltd., so Disney character design limited package on plastic bottle and paper pack of Kirin’s popular product “Gogo-no-koucha” or “namacha” started to sell for the first time.

First ever collaboration, with package of “Gogo-no-koucha” black tea has Mickey Mouse with red package, milk tea has Donald Duck with white package, and lemon tea has Pooh with yellow package, so Disney characters are on the package that is matching their image color.

This design and adorable package called reputation, in result Kirin developed collaboration package with Disney 3 years in a row.

In 2013, Kirin developed packages with huge impact by having characters face close up. With “Gogo-no-koucha” Mickey and Minnie was used on black tea, Donald and Marie on milk tea, Pooh and Tinker Bell on lemon tea.

Other than that, package of “namacha”or “nippon kome cha” had design that makes consumer feel pure Japanese atmosphere.

Also, other than typical products “Gogo-no-kioucha Apple Tea Soda” was started to sell as a limited product in 2014 and Disney design package of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy wearing red clothes appeared.

And “Frozen” design, which created great sensation to the world developed.

There is no announcement of new Disney package for 2015 yet, but I hope this will continue.

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