tdr0812_Performance on manufacturing equipment of souvenir medal that makes you smile


“Steamboat Mickey’s” is a shop that is located at American Waterfront of Tokyo DisneySea.

It is a shop that took name from the original title of film “Steamboat Willie”, which is a film Mickey made debut on and at this shop where carrying old Mickey has souvenir medal manufacturing equipment, but did you know?

Since it installed in 2004 sometimes it gets so crowded with people who wish to make the medal. Guests can make adorable medal and if you are a Mickey fan then you would want to get it even there is a huge queue, but actually there is a performance that makes Mickey fan smile is hiding with this manufacturing equipment.

That is the number on the machine.

Manufacturing equipment on the left side it is painted saying “No.11″ beside the socket of medal and on the right side manufacturing equipment says “No.18″ on the same place as left one.

When seeing it together it is “No.11 No.18″.

This is the number of released date of “Steamboat Willie”, which is Mickey’s birthday “November 18th”.

It is such a fine performance that makes the guests smile when they find it.

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