tdr0793_Rare item! Souvenir “chopsticks” exists?


Souvenir items are allowing guests to bring back as souvenirs after having a meal.

Until now there were many different items like cups and plates, but on November 1st 2012 unique souvenir came out and became so popular.

That unique souvenir item is “chopsticks”.

Actually red plastic chopsticks with Mickey mascot came out as a souvenir item. This souvenir chopsticks set menu was provided at “Plaza Restaurant” at Tokyo Disneyland.

That souvenir item could be acquired either by ordering menu comes with souvenir, which is $4 extra or it could be purchased with $6. (As of 2015, this chopstick souvenir is not carried with this restaurant.)

By the way during July 8th 2015 to August 31st 2015, “2015 special set meal with souvenir chopsticks” started to sell at “Restaurant Hokusai” at Tokyo Disneyland.

The price of set meal is $28, so people might feel it bit expensive, but it comes with three different menus that come with “festival chirashi-zushi”, “soft tofu-skin tofu, and “cool breeze mitsumame” plus lacquered chopsticks with fine patterns on comes as souvenir, so the price is appropriate. If missing out this opportunity this you might not have opportunity to get these chopsticks.

If you get this rare souvenir chopsticks you are lucky.

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