tdr0784_First ever! “Disney Store for grown up women” that born in Japan


“Disney Store” sells various Disney goods from typical items to newest items and when it comes to a large store it carries 1,500 items at all times.

As of July 2015, there are 47 stores and 4 outlet stores are developed in all over Japan, but there is only one Disney Store that is different from others.

That Disney Store is located inside “Takashimaya Station Mall”, which is a shopping mall that is directly connected to Kashiwa Station in Chiba prefecture.

Actually this “Disney Store Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall” is the “world first Disney Store” that is targeting “grown up women” and the design of the shop is born in Japan, which is first time ever in history of Disney Store.

Originally Disney Store has settlement of using design of existing store that U.S.A Disney specified and by following that rules Disney Store has been developed in Japan. But this time shop design and shopping atmosphere was created in Japan and the target was narrowed to “grown up women” and opened “the world first Disney Store” for “Japanese grown up women” that loves Disney characters.

Inside the store color of white is used richly and it is so gorgeous that makes us think a “princess room”, also there are windows that looks different by looking at it from various directions or magical mirror, so it is so dreamland-like that it is so different form other atmosphere.

Items that this shop carries are less than other shops, but items that are perfect for grown up women like cosmetics, smartphone related goods, bags, or blankets are richly provided. There are “Tokyo Disney Store Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall” limited items, so it is a store that Disney fans should not miss.

It feels so rare that it is world first Disney Store. How about visiting this store if you are curious?

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