tdr0768_Dream collaboration with Bandai became true! Mickey unites by becoming robot?


Disney characters are the existence of giving dream and hope forever.

There are many related goods, but in the past there was a time Disney characters became serious convertible robot.

The title was “Super unite King Robot Mickey & Friends”.

It is a convertible robot toy that became true by collaborating with high target toy brand “Tamashi Nation” from Bandai, which is a company carries model toys or characters.

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto is on their own robot and when it unites it changes to “Super-unite King Robot”.

Set contents are shown below.

Character → Robot name (position after united)

– Mickey Mouse → Jet Mickey (body)
– Minnie Mouse → Sky Minnie (back)
– Donald Duck → Diver Donald (right arm)
– Daisy Duck → Aqua Daisy (left arm)
– Goofy → Land Goofy (left leg)
– Pluto & Dog House → Dash Pluto & Dog House (left leg)
– Steamboat Willie →Ace Willie (face)

It is so unique that Pluto’s doghouse and Steamboat Willie is participating.

This toy was sold with $134.40 in March 2013.

There are several shops that still carries this toy, so if you are curious about this please check it out.

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