tdr0695_Fan’s love make it happen? Certain specialized store


“Toy Story” is Pixar’s first feature length animation that released in 1995.

Even after 20 years since the film was released the popularity never loose that it is loved by many fans.

Goods related to the film sold like hot pancakes and “Toy Story Mania!”, which is an attraction that opened at Tokyo DisneySea in 2012 is crowded everyday.

This film is such a masterpiece that attracts adults not just kids.

Anyway, there is a person who opened a toy store that carries “Toy Story” related goods exclusively in Japan, because that person was so into such masterpiece “Toy Story”.

The toy store is called “Banana Flavors”.

This toy store was established in Okinawa in 1997 as a first ever exclusive toy store in Japan. The related goods that the store carries go over 700 items and it is a popular store that hard-core fans visit.

Because it carries items that don’t exist with other shops, so it is loved by many fans that it is like “holy ground”, but this store closed in August 2012.

So, exclusive “Toy Story” goods store disappeared from Japan again.

By the way, the reason the store closed was because “the owner did what he wanted to do with Banana Flavors and he would like to challenge his life”.

It is unfortunate that the store that was loved by fans had to close, but if the owner has something else that he wants to do then we cannot really do anything about it.

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