tdr0624_Ear hat of certain character that sells at Walt Disney World (WDW) is so cute!


When speaking of typical item when going to Disney Park is headpieces.

There are many Disney characters headpieces like hat typed or headband typed.

But you cannot forget about “ear hat”, which has unique huge ears.

This is the most typical headpiece, but since when Tokyo Disneyland opened and 25th anniversary it is not sold in Japan.

It can only purchased online, so many people wishes it to come back in Tokyo Disney Resort, but certain characters from Japan made a debut as a ear hat in Walt Disney World of Florida.

That character is “Duffy” who has explosive popularity at Tokyo DisneySea.

Popular Duffy became an ear hat by reimporting.

Sailor hat of Duffy ear hat that is written “Duffy” in blue.

I wish this would sell in Japan.

I hope the day of ear hats including other characters sell in Japan will come soon.

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