tdr0613_Disney Resort limited? Original school bag became so popular that it is way too cute


There are many Disney goods that used Disney characters or design.

It is developed in various genres such as general goods, daily products, stationary, cosmetics, kitchen ware, or foods, but it is also developed with item that is must for elementary school students.

That must item is “school bag” that uses for 6 years.

Design and functionality is increasing and the color variation became rich that there are school bags colored other than red or black.

Because it will be used for 6 years, so people would want to choose it carefully.

Disney is already got into school bag industry, but it was only limited with online shop, so it wasn’t developed in a shape of limited with cooperated stores.

But from 2012, it started to develop the completely original school bag limited at Tokyo Disney Resort.

The school bag that developed first was for gils that had Daisy and Minnie embroidery and there was 3 different colors, which were pink, sax, and brown.

The orders were received at two stores of “House of Greeting (TDL) and “Il Postino Stationary” from July 12th to October 15th 2012 and it was delivered each home beginning of March 2013.

Since that original school bag that received great reputations is sold every year now that black color for boys are announced in 2014 and limited pearl pink other than pink, brown, and lavender for girls was developed, so it quickly sold out.

This original school bag without compromise with small details like embroidery, reflector button, hook, or charm. One for your child or your grandchild?

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