【tdr0470】There are people who get Disney calendar for free?


We see calendars often during the end of year to beginning of year. Many people probably prepare the new calendar for the upcoming year.

Lately there are calendars that specialized for convenience, calendar that specialized for the look, or calendar that is like ornament, so it is hard to choose which one to buy, because there are too many different kinds.

Then you might want to check the Disney calendar.

If you are a Disney fan you would want to have a calendar with adore characters.

Although, the price differs by the size and it is a trouble that many Disney calendars are expensive.

It is “Disney price”, so we cannot do anything, but there are people who get Disney calendar for free.

Actually, Oriental Land hands out Disney calendar for not sale to people who are part of Disney.

It is like greeting present to say “I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year”.

Don’t you get calendar having shop’s name delivered at home from the shop that you usual use? That happens the same at Disney.

How great is it to get Disney calendar for free.

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