【tdr0446】Blown away priced calendar was sold?


Calendar is necessary to know the dates accurately.

I am sure calendar is hanged at every home at least one.

Lately various types of calendar is sold like calendar that emphasizes visibility, cuteness, or that looks like ornament, so it is hard to choose which one to buy.

Of course there are many Disney related calendars.

Every year the calendar with Disney characters are popular item and there are many different kinds. Many of it is priced high, but there was a calendar, which is expensive by far from others was sold.

That calendar was sold at noble metal jewelry long established store “Tanaka noble jewelry company shop GINZA TANAKA”.

GINZA TANAKA sold “pure gold big calendar 2012” that used 13.22 lbs of pure gold celebrating 110th birthday of Walt Disney.

The price is $600,000. This price cannot be reached by common people.

On the calendar the words from Walt, which is “if you can dream it, you can do it” are carved.

Other than that 4 different kinds of calendar was sold such as $450 calendar that used 0.01 lbs of pure gold or $350 pure gold foil calendar.

These can be purchase even by common people if they aim high.

Because it received great reputation, so 2014 version was created.

And it was upgraded that the “Disney pure gold big calendar 2014” was made with about 22.04 lbs of pure gold and the price is $100 million.

From the 2012 version the pure gold increased 8.81 lbs and increased $4 million, so common people cannot keep a track with such world.

On the calendar adorable design and Disney’s 2013 theme “Happiness is a state of mind” is printed.

Other than that $480 calendar that used 0.01lbs pure gold and $130 calendar that use 0.0022 lbs pure gold is sold at the same time.

Anyhow, how luxury the pure gold calendar is. Even how amazing the big calendar is it is hard to consider purchasing it, but the small calendar is may be perfect of commemoration.

Let’s see if pure gold calendar will be back in the store in the future.

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