【tdr0429】Cute and humorous Japanese unique item


There are so many Disney goods are sold at Tokyo Disney Resort.

The variations are rich like snacks, clothes, small items, general goods and many others.

Especially the snacks and small items are very popular.

May be that is why amount of Tokyo Disney Resort goods sold is significantly better than any other Disney parks in the world.

There is “Japanese unique item” and “full of humorous” among popular Disney goods.

That is “Gohan Yosoimasu (Please let me serve rice)”.

As it tells it is “rice scoop” that scoops the rice. The spatula is Mickey’s white hand and the stick is Mickey’s black arm. It is a product that makes you think Mickey is scooping the rice.

When purchasing the Mickey Mouse shoe shaped stand that sells separately then this product can be stood and looks cute, so it changes to a small interior general goods.

From the cuteness and convenience it became big hit that tends to get out of stock all the time.

By the way there is Minnie Mouse version, which the stick bit is red and the Minnie Mouse heel type stand that sells separately is provided.

It is hard to choose one.

Tokyo Disney Resort has many creative general goods.

Other than that there is a product called “Pinch Mouse” that shapes of Mickey Mouse’s arm that used when eating Potato chips.

Each and every item are so cute that it makes easy to pull out the bills from wallet.

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