tdr0983_The shortest route to Mysterious Island


“Prometheus Volcano” gets in sight when stepping into Tokyo DisneySea’s entrance, Mediterranean Harbor.

It is located center of Tokyo DisneySea, so it has a huge impact.

So, theme port “Mysterious Island” that has such Prometheus Volcano that has huge impact has other attractive attractions like “Journey to the Center of the Earth” or “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and popular spots like “Refreshment Station” that sells Tokyo DisneySea’s typical food “Gyoza Dog” gathered.

Although, to go to that theme port you would have to take a detour of sea of Mediterranean Harbor.

Then choosing route is troublesome.

To get to Mysterious Island from Mediterranean Harbor, which route is faster. The right or left?

When seeing the official map of Tokyo DisneySea it seems left side route is totally faster.

But when seeing with Google map it seems there is no much difference on left and right than the official map.

This won’t make any progress, so I have measured actually with measurement application from Plaza of Mediterranean Harbor.

Then the right side route had about 0.18 mile and the left side route had 0.22 mile.

Actually the right side route is faster having difference of 0.4 mile.

Although this is when using stairs.

The right side route has 4 stairs places and people who is using wheelchair or stroller then they would have to use slope that is curved hugely.

Even when using the slope the right side route is still shorter, but left side route that can walk straight rather than walking on the street that is curved is easier.

It is up to you to choose the route.

How about making a plan having consideration of shops and attractions that you want to go?

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