tdr0980_Which theme port has the most attraction at Tokyo DisneySea


Tokyo DisneySea has been making many guests enjoy with attractive attractions that doesn’t exist at Tokyo Disneyland since it opened in 2001.

Many attractions like Tokyo DisneySea typical attraction or attraction that added recently according to the theme port are filled theme port.

Although, the number of attractions of each theme port have different and the least number of attraction at one theme port is 2, but there is a theme port having 7 attractions, so there is a difference.

So, which theme port has most number of attractions?

Theme port that has most number of attractions at Tokyo DIsneySea is “Mermaid Lagoon”, which located near center of Park.

It is not that big theme port when looking at it square measures, but it has the most number of attractions, so it is quite surprising, but it seems like it is because there is no huge attractions like other theme ports.

By the way the number of attractions of each theme port is shown below.

[Theme port name: number of attractions]
Mysterious Island: 2
Mediterranean Harbor: 3
Port Discovery: 3
Lost River Delta: 3
Arabian Coast: 4
American Waterfront: 6
Mermaid Lagoon: 7
(As of November 2015)

Because American Waterfront has huge area, so the number of attractions is second highest and the theme port that has least number of attractions is Mysterious Island, which has smaller area.

Tokyo DisneySea has less number of attractions than Tokyo Disneyland overall, because the water area is huge at Tokyo DisneySea.

But the number of attractions at Tokyo DisneySea will increase.

In Spring 2017, new attraction based on world of film “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dolly” is planning to open at Port Discovery and new theme port that has theme of “Northern Europe” that includes film “Frozen” area is planning to open gayer 2017.

It is exciting for the new attractions open.

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