tdr0926_The name origin and model of Prometheus Volcano?


“Prometheus Volcano” rises at the center of Tokyo DisneySea.

Eructation that happens frequently and smoke coming out from tip of mountain has thrill that it is like the real volcanic mountain.

Do you know the origin of name of such “Prometheus Volcano” that is also the symbol of Tokyo DisneySea?

Actually “Prometheus” is the name of “god” that appears in Greek myths.

Prometheus disobeyed order of the mighty spirit “Zeus” and Prometheus is a “god related to fire” that is known as who gave “god of flame” that has power of creation of the world to human beings, so the mountain was named Prometheus, because of the relation of “fire and volcanic mountain”.

Having god’s name that brought development of fire to human is quite romantic.

By the way the model of Prometheus Volcano is volcanic mountain called “Vesuvio Mountain”, which is located at Campania of Italy.

It is not erupting now, but huge eruption happened August 24th 79 A.D and is famous by burying Pompeii with pyroclastic flow and burying Herculaneum with debris flow and also known from the theme song “Funiculì funiculà” of opening of mountain tram “Funicolare vesuviana”.

From the tip of the mountain can view the whole town of Napoli and it is a popular spot as trekking spot.

God name of Greek myths and having famous Italian volcanic mountain as the model is so perfect for the thrilling Prometheus Volcano.

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