tdr0911_Disney characters weren’t there when Tokyo DisneySea opened?


Tokyo DisneySea has grown that now it is competing the popularity with Tokyo Disneyland, but when it first opened it wasn’t going well than you think.

That is because back in the day it was trying to push out the theme of “Disney Park for grown ups”.

As you already know alcohol is allowed in Tokyo DisneySea, so many performances for grown ups are provided inside the Tokyo DisneySea. When it opened it emphasized the image of “for grown ups” and was trying to sets apart from Tokyo Disneyland.

And as part of the image Tokyo DisneySea decided having Disney characters appearing less, but this backfired. Guests are coming to Disney Park even they are grown ups, so it is of course that they want to meet Disney characters.

Therefore, Tokyo DisneySea had to occur improvement of holding more opportunity for Disney characters to show up while maintaining the image or atmosphere of grown ups.

Show of “Broadway Music Theatre” or “encore!” that has no opportunity of Disney characters to show up closed on July 4th 2006, so shows that Disney characters appear like “Big Band Beat” that Mickey and other characters performs were increased, so the space changed to a space that can be enjoyed by kids and of course the grown ups too.

Corresponding according to guest’s needs can only done because it is Disney.

If the course correction wasn’t occur…. May be Tokyo DisneySea would have became unpopular theme park.

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