tdr0861_Permanent edition? The list of Tokyo DisneySea wagon foods


[American Waterfront]

Cape Cod Confections: milk tea and other
Delancey Catering: hot dog
Barnacle Bills: sausage, Beer cocktail (summer), hot wine (winter)
High Tide Treat: Tipo Torta
Papadakis Fresh Fruit: fruits and other
Liberty Landing Diner: pork rice roll

[Arabian Coast]

Open Sesame: churros
Sultan’s Oasis: bread, sweets

[Mysterious Island]

Nautilus Galley: smoky turkey leg and other
Refreshment station: gyoza dog

[Mediterranean Harbor]

Gondolter Snack: ice cream, gelato
Refrescos: gyoza dog, pork rib, churros, and other

[Port Discovery]

Seaside Snack: ukiwa bun
Breeze Way Bites: pies

[Lost River Delta]

Expedition Eat: sausage dog
Tropic Als: Tipo Torta
Lost River Cook House: spicy smoke chicken leg

(October 15th edition)

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