tdr0858_Mickey is hiding at the wall of masonry of Tokyo DisneySea? Or is it Pooh?


There is masonry wall while going to Mysterious Island from Mediterranean Harbor, which is on the right hand side of entrance of Tokyo DisenySea and there is Mickey hiding on the certain area of masonry.

The first one can be founded between rocks that are piled up in arch shape. Hidden Mickey is hiding like he is sandwiched with arch.

And other one can be founded on top of the rock that is piled up in arch shape.

Hidden Mickey is hiding at there, but there are various theories about this hidden Mickey.

-True hidden Mickey theory.
-Because the ears are small, so hidden Poo rather than Mickey theory.
-It is definitely a hidden Mickey even the ears are small, but (on the right side of Mickey) yellow stone next to that is hidden Pooh theory.

Theory that is most penetrated is the first theory “true hidden Mickey”, but because the ears are small, so it seems like many people believe it is “hidden Pooh”.

Last theory is not really penetrated, but there are few people who believe that, so the truth is not clear.

Winnie the Pooh does not exists at Tokyo DisneySea, so if this is hidden Pooh, then it would be a rare spot.

How about finding hidden Mickey or hidden Pooh when going near?

Often guests pointing out, so it is quite easy to find.

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