tdr0840_Before Tokyo DisneySea open there was an idea of raise penguin was brought up?


On September 4th 2001, “Tokyo DisneySea was opened with a catch copy of “Where Adventure and Imagination Set Sail”.

As a world first Disney Park with theme of sea that concept of the park was decided by having many discussions with Disney Comapny and creative members from Oriental Land, which is a company operating and managing the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Anyway, because it is the world first theme park, so many new attempt ideas were brought up that believe it or not idea of “raise real penguins” was brought up.

The theme is sea, so creatures of the sea…, but after considering it was rejected due to certain circumstances.

With what kind of reason it was rejected?

It was because “Japanese are seeking “world of dream” rather than “living things”.

It came to a conclusion of “animals that live in real world do not exist in world of dream”.

Because members of Oriental Land who were participating to decide the concept of Tokyo DisneySea told how Japanese people would feel, so this result came up.

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