tdr0808_The water of Tokyo DisneySea is Seawater? Or fresh water?


Tokyo DisneySea that has theme of sea and one fifth of whole area is water.

The water is about 2 Tokyo Dome size and do you know what kind of water is used?

I am sure there are many people think it is using seawater by pulling from Urayasu off shore, because Tokyo DisneySea is located so near the sea….But actually “fresh water” is used.

The scale is different that providing that much amount of fresh water.

How come fresh water is used when there is sea so near?

That reason was with salt that contained with seawater.

By using seawater it let the facility gets rusty, erosion, and sticky.

Also the smell of seawater is quite strong, so that smell could be on the products.

From these reasons it is using fresh water.

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